What’s The Difference between Smart Watches and Fitness Tracker

If you want to track your everyday activity and health rates, you might buy fitness trackers… or smartwatches. Well, if you still don’t know what’s the difference between these two types of wearable devices, you are not alone! Many people are still confused, too.  Let’s sort everything out in this article! 

Let’s start with smartwatches. This is a wearable smart accessory that, obviously, does more than just show the time. The features of smartwatches vary from brand to brand. But, generally speaking, they provide much more than common fast-tracking of your daily activity. 

After syncing with your smartphone, smartwatches let you check your notifications, read messages, view incoming calls, control some of your music apps, reply text messages, record voice notes, and use NFC payments. Yeah, their functionality is really impressive. 

Well, what about fitness trackers? Their main goal is to collect exercise and activity-related data for its user. They will be a perfect choice if you are a big fan of sport and don’t need any additional features. 

Usually, fitness trackers include such options as activity tracking, heart rate and sleep monitoring, and getting notifications from your phone. Clearly, they have less functionality than smartwatches. 

After reading this, you might have a question: “What should I buy?”. There is not an unambiguous answer. If you feel that you want to have more opportunities with your wearable device, probably, you should think of buying smartwatches. For example, this Waterproof Stainless Steel Smart Watch has an affordable price and a great stock of features. 

On the other hand, if your needs are just monitoring your activity and health condition, your choice is a good fitness tracker like Health Monitoring Bluetooth Smart Wristband

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